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Circadence Features

A look inside Project Ares Gamified Platform


Gamified Training increases retention by 600% A fun interactive environment of cyber warfare and defense.

 Circadence Reports

View user progress, history and methodology for promotion, retention or pre-hire testing

 Project Ares Badges

Earn coveted badges through various games and challenge your team.

 Circadence Certifications

Gain real world experience through the gamified missions earning certifications that stay with you for life.

 AI Assitant Athena

Your personal AI to help you every step of the way, who challenges you and helps you learn.

 NIST-800-171 Compliance for work roles

Any company who is looking to NIST compliant benefits from the work role preparation.

 3.5 Million open Cyber Security positions

Gap of good people drives organizations to make a team rather than buy one.

 Leader Boards

Leaderboards allow you to see where everyone in your organization ranks as well as who needs help and where.

 Ares Badges and Mission Coins

Earn Badges and Mission Coins along the way that light up in the processes making for fun competition.

 Ares Mission Playback

Mission Playback is a comprehensive report showing everything about the mission including hints used / time and objectives completed

 Circadence Trainer View

This is for Managers / Teachers ect. You have in depth reports on each individual employee for each mission and more

 Virtualized Missions and Battle Grounds

Project Ares Missions start with a video and you'll be given information and depending on that information you will decide if you have to attack or defend

 Virtualized Environments

A fun gamified sandbox that users are able to work in and learn through trial and error and our AI assistant Athena will be there to guide you through each step of the way

Project Ares Pricing and Subscriptions

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Cyber Security Games

See a more in depth look inside Project Ares

Media Center

Gamified video, training, tutorial and instructional courses all relating to each mission is available throughout challenges, badges and missions.

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Game Room

Various fun games teach basic and advanced skills. Begin to learn basics with arcade style cyber games.

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Battle Room

Red Team vs. Blue team. A fun way to join teams, accomplish missions and earn certifications in real-world virtual networks. Play vs. AI or with teams.

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Circadence Pricing

Project Ares Pricing


Ares Subscription - 5 user minimum

  • Project Ares by Circadence 24/7-365 Cloud Access to subscription. Pricing is per user, 12 month term required. Certifications and badges stay with user. 3.5 Million cyber jobs will be unfilled in cyber-security. This subscription helps build the skills and certifications organizations look for making engineers more marketable.

About us

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About us
Cyber Certify is a focus division of BorderLAN that helps create cyber warriors and shore up the cyber defense of business, government and schools.  We accomplish our mission through the most advanced unique gaming platform to simulate real-world threats.  Play against the AI, or with team members. Will you be the red team, or the blue?

Standard training courses suffer from being over-priced and are plagued with low retention. This combined with a high demand for trained cyber analysts leave a deficit in personnel that is projected to exceed 3.5 Million in the US by 2021. We help to bridge that gap with gamified training that is fun, has high retention, and teaches randomized scenarios that simulate threats and train even the lay person how to become an expert.

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